How We Choose to Spend Our Days

“Why exactly do people do what they do for a living during their relatively brief time on earth? That was a question raised in an NYT obit today by Alex Vadukul.

I became a history major 56 years ago because History 101 was my first collegiate A. I didn’t become a history prof because it might result in me becoming history in Vietnam.

Somehow the forces of history and our labyrinthian lives find many of us in work we either love or hate. I loved my profession enough to tolerate the boring details in the belly of the work and the abusive personalities who occasionally crossed my path.

At 68, since, thank God, I had a choice, the details and abuse outweighed, the love. This time at 75 IS precious. Studies have actually shown, on average, us old fogies are happier than the rest of you. I would have NEVER guessed that at 25, a long, long time ago.

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