The Good Life?

There has been at least one good scientific study that shows that boardrooms benefit from honest exchanges of differing points of view from board (not bored) members, reducing BIAS when a decision is made. That’s no small feat. It’s a lesson for individuals, families and nations. It involves speaking the truth non-offensively and listening.

The objective of the board is to enhance the corporation’s profits. There has been at least one good scientific study that shows, as to those individuals who “gain,” once one has food on the table, and, a roof over one’s head differences in people’s happiness based on income are nominal.

Recall in the musical Camelot when the King and Guinevere are wondering what the simple folk are doing to cope, as the royal couple deals with its difficulties. Frederick Lowe wrote for the couple’s duet:

“What else do the simple folk do?

 They must have a system or two

 They obviously outshine us at turning tears to mirth”


Is it profitable, unbiased decisions that are paramount in our lives? I think that the lesson to be learned from the apparent truths noted comes from Jesus’ words in John 15:12.  “This is my commandment, that ye love one another, even as I have loved you.” That’s a noble task, celebrated in our holiday season, which, surely, requires the grace of God. Don’t you think? It does for me.

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