What Changed?

The NFL’s Los Angeles Chargers were losing close games frequently. They had not beaten anyone in the division in a month of Sundays. Suddenly they beat the Jets, Raiders and Broncos on consecutive weeks in close games. Only the Jets were outside their division.

From my view, it all turned following the Chargers stunning defeat to the now vulnerable New England Patriots, 45-0. In that game the special teams came apart at the seams giving up long runs and missing field goals.

Head coach Lynn then declared he would be coaching the special teams. In yesterday’s close victory against the Denver Broncos, it was a Charger, Nadir Adderly, who had the long run back of a kickoff. The LA kicker, Michael Badgley, was four for four including the game winner.

Hopefully the idea of firing Coach Lynn has turned to dust given the turnaround on his watch.