The Good Things

I just got up this morning. I am remembering with a broad smile a host of joys in my life.

As a child, several stand out. There was that feeling on my bare toes as I ran through the summer’s grass. I remember still the joy the first time I heard Rhapsody in Blue at about eight including that beautiful, initial clairinet riff. There was the pitter patter of my little heart when at twelve years of age my girlfriend would smile at me.

Then nineteen years later came real, not puppy love. There was the time Kristine stopped our car in a night of traveling and we stepped out to look up at the starlit sky in Big Sur. I also recall the texture and serenity of the beautiful, low tides Kris and I have seen when the sea beckoned us both. Finally, I recollect our delight in our first brunch at the the Crown Room in the Hotel del Coronado. It was the grand, wooded beauty of the room itself, built in the Victorian era,  in concert with the wonderful meal we enjoyed.

The memories were made when my mind stopped spinning and my senses soaked it all in. Simply put, L’Chaim, to life.

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