An Extraordinary Effort

Time is precious. Eating a fine meal. Enjoying a beautiful, sunlit day. Reading an extremely well-written essay or novel. Seeing the Ohio State Buckeyes, who I have followed as a fan for 67 years play an inspired football (not soccer for the non-American readers) game with a courageous hurting QB, Justin Fields.

In the first half, as some players are wont to do when a great QB is is the open field, Fields was targeted in a tackle. The tackler slammed the top of his helmet into the QB’s ribs.

That player was disqualified from play. Justin left the field for only one play. When he practiced on the sidelines he would grimace as he threw.

With the ups and downs of watching this great team for all these years, tears came to my eyes as I watched Fields throw six touchdown passes, two of which, after the rib injury, traveled about 60 yards in the air. Sometimes a major sporting event, like this collegiate semifinal, is more than just a game.