The Spy Who Hated Me

If the Washington Post got a recent audio in the center of the halls of American power, can our Presidents avoid intensive espionage by our sworn, international enemies? Those foreign spy networks are well funded aren’t they?

Espionage has been around since ancient Mesopotamia. Los Alamos had Russian, physicist spies.

These are some things worth considering. Don’t you think!

Inner Peace

“To be at peace is to have peace  inside yourself more or less in spite of what is going on outside yourself.” This is from Frederick Buechner’s 101 Essays, Excerpts, Sermons and Friends. I believe only God can give us this peace.

It is tough out there. No one get’s out of it alive. Yet, there are those who believe, me included, that it doesn’t end in this earthly life you and I share.

I believe God is close to us in another dimension. For me, it is something deep inside. Atheists would beg to differ with me, but they too have a belief.

I am reminded of Him when He jolts me with His presence. There was an event I mentioned in another blog about six months ago that bears repeating. About, now, a year ago in a Bible study group we addressed a Biblical story taking place in Malta. Within the next 24 hours I noted the only view of my blog from Malta amongst the, now, over 6000 views of the blogs at this site. To me it was God reinforcing for me His presence.

Turning to Him in prayer if I am up in the middle of the night seeking rest is reliable. He gives me inner peace or in Hebrew, shalom.

May God grant you peace in these trying times.