My Youth, Do I Want It Back?

My youth? Essentially nothing hurt physically as it does now. Lots of things hurt emotionally.

I was dragged through the mud in more than one eroding relationship. Sometimes, I was the dragger. I only understand now, perhaps, why some of the smarter women left.

That my spouse has loved and tolerated me for 43 years underscores she is a gift from God. On my best days, I appreciate that from the top of my head to the tips of my toes.

Our good Lord has patience with me. He’s given me information about myself on a need to know basis through my spouse and others. For those who seriously doubt God’s existence, here is a YouTube video: a Lennox v Hitchens debate between two brilliant professors, a believer and non-believer, respectively.

It’s been a long journey. But, right now I would rather be 75 than 25 once again.

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