Tyreek Can Fly

Bullet Bob Hayes and Tyreek Hill are the two fastest NFL receivers I have ever seen. Bob, 50 years ago, was by virtue of the Olympic 100 meter dash, the world’s fastest human.

One year, Dandy Don Meredith his QB at Dallas, behind a great offensive line, threw Hayes multiple, unstoppable TD’s. No one could stay with Bullet Bob.

Now, The Kansas City Chiefs, Hill’s ballclub,  have a brilliant QB who goes wide to give his receivers more time. Hill takes full advantage of Patrick Mahomes going wide and makes pro athletes look like kids, when they  try to catch him.

He is, like Bullet Bob, a joy to watch.

Decency and the American 1960’s

I was a Green Bay Packer fan from 15 years of age through 22. There was something creative, disciplined and extraordinary about this team of the 60s. They had no visible weakness to my young eyes. They had speed, precision, power and fought their hearts out for every yard.

What I have learned of late is how saddened the Green Bay teammates have been by the recent loss of numerous Packers from that phenomenal team. Those teamates loved and respected each other.

This was an era of civil rights efforts, particularly by Martin Luther King, Jr., that were effective.  This diverse group of professionals, apparently, not only lacked prejudice but comforted and encouraged each other.

Maybe, just maybe,  something deep in my soul recognized a decency in that outstanding NFL power of the 60s. I sure hope so.