Eric Fisher, KC Left Offensive Tackle, a Key Loss

The two highest paid players in the NFL are the quarterback (QB) and the left offensive tackle (OT), who, protects the blindside of the QB from the onrushing lineman.  Unfortunately for the great young QB of the Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes, Jr., he lost his left OT, Eric Fisher to a torn Achilles tendon, yesterday. That will make Eric, an All-Pro, unavailable for the Super Bowl.

Having followed the Ohio State Buckeyes for about 65 years, two of the greatest OTs come to mind, Jim Parker and Orlando Pace. They protected, as pros, the blindside for John Unitas and Kurt Warner, respectively. Need I say more about their importance?

On that basis, and, in that Tom Brady the QB for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, should be well protected, I think you can give the Buccaneers an edge a week from Sunday as they face the Chiefs for the Lombardi Trophy. That edge will be reinforced by the excellent pass rush of the Buccaneers, buttressed by Shaquil Barrett, a Pro Bowl linebacker who truly excels at the art of the sack. He has demonstrated that well, despite the quality of the teams he’s faced in the playoffs.

Pat, prepare yourself for a challenging afternoon.