A Day in the Life, Circa 1960, So Different

It was 1960. I was a high school student in Miami, FL. We had three major networks on television, ABC, NBC, and CBS. They would broadcast from about 7 a.m. to about 1 a.m. daily, primarily in black and white though color was gaining a foothold. There were no all-night stations and cable television was non-existent. PBS was something in someone’s imagination.

Our only sports team was a Triple A, minor league, baseball club called the Miami Marlins. The NFL, NBA and MLB were small operations, one of which had just made two daring moves to the West Coast.

My leisure time was largely spent lying like a log on the beach. It was extremely relaxing and the rays were intensified by a silver reflector I aimed directly into my face. I had no idea I was causing irreparable harm to our largest organ, the skin. On the other hand neither did the world’s best physicians in the 18th Century, who bled their victims, unaware of what they were doing.

I managed to survive riding my bike without a helmet, being driven without a seatbelt, and eating lots of fried foods. It WAS a different era that I won’t soon forget.

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