Rafa, a True Champion

Rafa, about three months short of his 35th birthday, has continued to pay a price for too much practice, with too much force. He has been rehabilitating an injured back for several days.

In his first round match at the Australian Open it seemed to only affect his service motion. Thus his serve, which is not his strength, was less than it might have been. The speed of the playing surface will make that serve, if it gets no better, a true liability. Nonetheless, it was the first round, and, Nadal readily dispatched his unseeded, Serbian opponent, Djere.

The depth and nobility that has gotten him through many a professional crisis came to the surface in the post-match interview. It has been evident since his first days as a pro in that neither Nadal, nor anyone who has watched him play has ever seen him throw a racket.

When asked about his game in that dialogue, he mentioned the far more important issues that everyone on our dear planet has dealt with over the past year. The remark was unnecessary. People were attending to be distracted from the travails of our everyday existence. But, he is too compassionate an individual to avoid the compelling reality of the Pandemic. Vamos Rafa!

Worth Some Thought

As Bob Dylan suggested, we all serve somebody. It could be money, power, fame, etc. Or it could be God. Christians and Messianic Jews believe we should be answering to God. It is a question worth exploration, from my view.

Messianic Judaism or Christianity rises or falls on the Truth of the Resurrection. Evidence for that Truth far outweighs the evidence against it  (If details are needed, see NT Wright’s brilliant case for the Resurrection in his 700 page book on the subject, The Resurrection of the Son of God.)  The Resurrection explains the most rapidly growing socio-religious phenomenon in history and why we all measure our years from Jesus’ life. 

It is a faith not simply based on revelation but centrally on true historic events. Christianity produced hospitals and the greatest universities in Western Civilization. Christianity is a faith that searches for Truth and cares for the needy. No less a scientist than Francis Collins, MD, who directs the NIH accepted Christ when he began to deal with sickness and death as a med student. 

At its heart Messianic Judaism is a sect of Judaism. As one studies the Old Testament deeply and frequently it points to the Truth of our Savior. As Jesus said, “No one comes to the Father except through me. ” To me that suggests knowing our Savior is fundamental to the gift of eternal life in the New Heavens and the New Earth. The 20,000 Messianic Jews in Israel testify to the strength that comes from Jesus in our faith.