Memories Seeping to the Surface

I was getting our art/writing studio in shape today. As I straightened out the many bookshelves, long forgotten books came to the surface.

I could just see in my mind’s eye our thirty and forty year olds at my side while I read to them as youngsters. That was from several of the wonderful children’s books that I straightened.

When I was young, I especially loved the Babar books about the goings on in Celestville. In fact the green suit I wore at our wedding bore a remarkable resemblance to one worn by Babar, the elephant, in those wonderful books.

But, I was saddened recalling how small, adorable and sweet the two of them were as tykes. Every phase of their lives has been precious to me. The early portions just sadden me a bit. I guess that’s why God gave many of us grandchildren.

It’s been a long road, Bob. God has blessed Kristine and you every step of the way, even in your hardships. It all happened too quickly.

Truth Telling

When screenwriters produce a fictional movie based on a true story, they use dramatic effects as they modify the actual events, or, perhaps, create new events, in the spirit of the original incidents. They want to engage you with drama. Seems reasonable. It’s only a story. It’s only a distraction. It is meant only to entertain, sometimes.

When a majority of congressman decide it is lawful to lie in political ads, they are creating drama to engage the voter for their future elections. Seems unreasonable. Don’t you think?