Tsitsipas in the Zone

Rafa lost the big one last night Pacific Time. He was gracious in defeat and was not even close to throwing a racket. I suspect pushing 35 and holing up in quarantine for two weeks did nothing for his fitness and he had to go five at the Aussie Open.

That aside, it was Tsitsipas’ right of passage as he closes in on Fed’s age when he became the force in tennis. It was his day and night in the Melbourne sun.

His improving defense, serve and movement were exceedingly effective in the key moments of play. He brought the goods.

“With a little bit of luck” in the lyrics of Alan Jay Lerner, Tsitsipas’ semi against Medvedev should be equally engaging.


Family is home for several generations. My older sister I have known for almost 76 years.

The other day her youngest daughter, my niece, instagram-casted a reading of her new book. I cannot begin to tell you what a thrill it was to participate. The book was focused on extraordinary, bread baking and I have known her since she was the size of a loaf.

I was eight time zones away from my daughter when in her first venture into politics she won her first election. I may have been more excited than she was. I met her on her very first day of life.

It doesn’t get any better than the most glorious days for our loved ones. It is a key portion of our lives that opens a wonderful door to our hearts.