An Anniversary in the Season of Discontent

In the midst of the Pandemic our days are a little different than they have been in our 42+ years of marriage. We, of course, have experienced varying degrees of restriction. Being 75, unlike my younger spouse, in the midst of a Covid-19 crisis, I am a little more hog-tied than she is.

On the other hand, give the average, American man chips, salsa, and three televised NFL games, and, he can remain stagnant for hours. I am in that category. My spouse would find that a variation on medieval torture.

The night of our 43rd anniversary she asked me to wear a tuxedo shirt and black tie while she too dressed more formally. I kept the restaurant where I planned to pick up dinner unexposed. Even a Mossad agent would have been pleased with my effort. My spouse generally from my expressions and tone of voice can deduce any of my secrets in about 3.5 minutes

It was a wonderful French restaurant about 15 minutes from our house, that, we had managed to avoid for reasons I cannot fathom for a quarter of a century. The three course meal was at its essence the finest chateaubriand imaginable with the richest escalloped potatoes that we had ever relished. It was worth the 43 year wait.

We were blessed with a memorable, delightful evening in our own dining room despite the crisis. Thank God for loving favors.

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