Depression, many believe, should reverse itself to its prior description, melancholy. Depression sounds like the common cold. It is the common cold of behavioral therapy, but, it is a far cry from the common cold.

Not long ago it apparently took down a man with remarkable gifts and panache, Anthony Bourdain. One of the greatest writers of the twentieth century, whose documentary on PBS is set for April 5th, Ernest Hemingway, suffered from the malady which caused his death..

Thank God for a universe with natural laws created by our maker. It has allowed scientists to develop drugs to treat this horrid ailment that leaves its victims, flat, hopeless and crying out in the night. Perhaps DNA specificity will make many of these drug choices more precise, diminishing further a part of humanity’s suffering. Additionally, there is help in very painful moments for Americans, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 800-273-8255.

May the worsening mental and viral ill health of the pandemic take a nosedive on the graphs, here and in the rest of the world, soon. May God bless those efforts to stem the tide in every corner of the earth.