The Good Times

Peggy Noonan in paraphrasing the recently departed Vernon Jordan said, “He acted as if life was delicious, and if you were lucky enough to be here, you had a kind of moral responsibility to have fun. Take pleasure in your accomplishments, admit your mistakes, face problems, accept all the blows, but remember how delicious it is.”

What a lovely philosophy. Certainly his glass was half full. I like to think most of us can accept life’s blows that way. People are complex. Most big problems do not have simple solutions.

But, somewhere, deeply hidden in some of our struggles is our capacity for joy. Give me a chance to dance to Ramsey Lewis’ version of James Brown’s Uptight. Give me a few days with our grandsons. Allow me an absolutely wonderful candlelit dinner with my precious spouse. “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.” (