Quite Quiet

“The library is what keeps us a step ahead of the apes.” That was according to Dana Stabenow. She is an American writer. (https://www.writerswrite.co.za/literary-birthday-27-march-dana-stabenow/)

I first became enamored of the Emory University library in the fall of 1964. The building was a beautiful, limestone structure sitting at the head of our large, grass covered quadrangle. It allowed me peace and quiet away from the AEPi, frat house (pronunced as in A E pie not ape). My brothers were quite studious, and, usually, quiet, but I needed real solitude to study just as I do to write.

About those apes, it is actually remarkable how our DNA and their DNA (gorillas in particular) lines up (98% similarity). (https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/tiny-genetic-differences-between-humans-and-other-primates-pervade-the-genome/#:~:text=The%20recent%20sequencing%20of%20the,gorillas%20trailing%20at%2098%20percent.) Maybe that’s why they are my favorite animals at the zoo.

Those primates seem to have self-awareness when I watch them. It’s a little eerie. When I feel that way I head quickly for the nearest library.

3 thoughts on “Quite Quiet

  1. I remember Candler Library fondly! By the time I got there though it was well on its way to being sidelined for the newly built Woodruff library. That was where I went to get some quiet time. They held a sale of old books from Candler and I remember being able to get a copy of T.S. Eliot’s poetry. That library stamp across it is was good as an autograph to me. Probably not worth as much though. 🙂


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