“All the world’s a stage and most of us are desperately unrehearsed.”
Sean O’ Casey, who was a playwright and memoirist.

Lord knows, sometimes I don’t listen. Sometimes even my digital hearing aids aren’t quite enough to hear in those moments with background noise.

They call them senses. There is the sense of thirst that can disappear with age, the sense of hearing and the sense of smell. All of mine are diminished.

Is 100 years really your goal? At least it involves a desire to breathe and love and live this life in all it’s wonder and terror.

Consider rehearsing those of you under 50. That is reflect on  a potentially higher quality of life in the figurative darkness of your future.

Consider less blaring, rock music for your ears, ellipticals for your feet and knees, stretches for your future mobility, as well as, less rich food.

Ah but most of those under 50 are perhaps, “desperately unrehearsed.” I understand.