The 3-0 Padres

I have loved baseball for 66 years, particular having played youth ball. My memories go back to televised, black and white images. Our Padres have a good shot at winning it all this year.

When you have a multi-talented offense you need to develop a philosophy that optimizes those skills. The Padres wait for their pitch and failing to get the ideal strike will foul off pitches that are close or strikes engendering walks. They leave the RBI  glory to the next hitter in line. Team play.

At the same time, their starters dominate and their relievers succeed with new wrinkles and grit.

When you compound that armamentarium with a brilliant defense, you have a bona fide threat to the LA Dodgers.

I eagerly await the games in this now illustrious rivalry of teams residing only 100 miles apart.