Ken Burns and Lynn Novick’s Hemingway, a Review

Ken Burns and Lynn Novick have created yet another in-depth documentary. The first 2 hours of the 6-hour series on Hemingway aired last night on PBS. The last four hours will be split between tonight and tomorrow. In addition to its being televised it can be streamed.

It delved deeply into the psyche and the eloquent prose of Ernest Hemingway. At appropriate points Jeff Daniels read some of Hemingway’s best material. Like all writers he has his ups and downs but Daniels’ words were some of Ernest’s best. In fact for whatever reason I am not that fond of his work, but his prose was almost poetry in the rich morsels picked for the film.

As has often been true, the black and white photographs were full of life. They speak to the viewer vividly.

At a minimum the two hours were completely engaging and well worth one’s time. Give it a go for its historical as well as it’s entertainment value. It won’t disappoint.

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