If the Pandemic has had any value to us, perhaps, it is in the appreciation of the gift of life. It is a manifold blessing.

Each night our intense minds get relief, particularly, in deep sleep. We seem to get activated for the next morning, later, in our rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. We cannot live without that rest and preparation. Hopefully not too many of us have lost much sleep over the worry engendered by the Plague. That is particularly true given sleep’s apparent psychotherapeutic value.

Then there is that heart shaped object that beats for years and years and years. What an amazing organ. It never sleeps. Though many of us hope when it does stop, it happens in our sleep.

Finally, we have gained a greater appreciation for our healthcare workers at every level. From the maintenance crew, to the experienced infectious disease specialists and everyone in between. That’s with additional thanks to the medical, research scientists who brought us, at peak efficiency, the vaccines.

They have fought and continue to fight the viral war that has threatened humanity. Paraphrasing Dicken’s Tiny Tim, God bless them, every one.