The First Inklings of the Dodger-Padre 2021 Rivalry

So last night some of us watched what baseball is about. It was the kind of regular season game you see now and then. It had the intensity of a playoff game. It was perhaps between the two finest teams in all of baseball, the Padres and the Dodgers.

As he had done in the divisional playoff against the Dodgers, Ryan Weathers, 21-year-old son of long time Major League pitcher, Carl Weathers, looked like a veteran and pitched like a veteran. He gave up no runs in the several innings that he pitched. We then had a parade of relievers but they were facing two of the best offenses in baseball. As a result when the dust had settled after two Padre comebacks in the 8th and 9th, it was 6 to 6 going into extra innings.

In the top of the 12th inning, all star shortstop, Corey Seager, for the Dodgers, on his very first pitch, drilled a two run homer over the center field fence. That was the difference maker.

The entire game stretched the staff of each team so much that in one particular play late in the game Jake Cronenworth, the Padre’s second baseman pitched to David Price, the Dodger reliever, who then flied out to Joe Musgrove, the Padre starting pitcher playing left field, in undoubtedly, the most unusual play of an unusual game.

Your Story

“There isn’t a thought or feeling that doesn’t alter or deepen when written. We are a writing animal. That is why all of us feel we have a book inside us. It isn’t an illusion. We have got a book inside us.” Carol Bly the late American writer.(

If you have thought about writing a book, continue. For me, most of the time, my three books were a joy beyond measure. There are wounds that may benefit. There are comedic one liners that seem to come from nowhere. They will surprise you.

In a sense, all story writing is memoir. Fictional novels and memoir share much.

You have reached adulthood. God has graced you with a story. The approach and fine tuning of the process are beautifully described by Anne Lamott in Bird by Bird.

There are readers who might adore hearing your take. It is no further away than the time to write and at a minimum self publication.