So Much Alike, and Yet, So Different

“A sensible man ought to find sufficient company in himself.” Emily Bronte author of Wuthering Heights. “No one can be happy in eternal solitude.” Anne Bronte, English novelist and youngest of the Bronte sisters. With even sisters who have minor genomic differences, they can be opposites.

My younger brother sounds like me. We share a few physical features as well. We live on opposite coasts. We once met in New York, were talking and discovered we both were wearing the same pair of leather shoes.

And yet, oh the differences! My brother, now retired, was brilliant in financial sales. I couldn’t sell my way out of a wet, one layer paper mask. He loves New York City. I feel crowded and out of place there. He writes political non-fiction. I write apolitical non-fiction.

I suppose, life is a curious, curious journey, whatever your perspective.