Out of Place

As part of my job over the course of my career, I was asked to attend small political functions or parties. I do lean toward introversion. That is one of the reasons I am seated here, alone, at this set of keys.

I would enter usually someone’s home. The host would be someone I had never met. He or she generally shared nothing more with me than a few 100 cubic feet of air. I was invariably at a loss for words, while, feeling uncomfortable and completely out of place.

Understand the closest I come to completely associating with a particular secular “tribe” would be as a hometown, baseball fan. One of my buddies who roots (not to be confused with your favorite plant) for another ball club, calls me something I think is a compliment, but, may be derogatory, homer. Until recently I thought that was a fair ball over the outfield wall of a baseball field.

Eventually, I think I did what I was sent for at one gathering. A real politician in our company told me to arrive 15 minutes early to get time with the honored guest, a federal official. Having done my job, although I am not sure to this day what that was, the honored guest a few months later was fired for dishonorable activity.

Again, I found myself, out of place.