They call it organic chemistry. I would say, as it was a requisite in my premedical education, that, it was pretty much forced upon me. If I had had my druthers (whatever they are) I would have never taken the subject.

My organic chemistry teacher nailed my flaw one day when he said to the class, “You see this synthesis that goes forward, backward and then forward? What you need to realize is that you are either born with the ability to see that or you’re not.” I of course was not.

The odd thing about this course is that the prof had such great enthusiasm about his subject, that, he made the class worthwhile. Per my Web search, he’s still very enthusiastic about his students, now in his 90s, he helps in furthering their post-graduate education with recommendations.

Sometimes I think enthusiasm is the key to life. I love my wife’s recall of the definition of enthusiasm. If you look at the two roots (en/filled and theo/God) you can see it. Enthusiasm is to be filled with God.