Home Buying

Pilgrim on a Long, Long Journey

Until 1980 Kristine and I had only rented our homes. With our first baby on the way we felt the hour for investing in a house had arrived. This growing up thing was getting serious.

In Topanga, CA. where we rented, we quickly realized in our price range we had only one option in this semi-rural area. It was a place Kris called “the mole house.” It was un-cleverly built into a rather loose crevice in a hill.

Gophers were more likely to survive there than humans. Earthworms seemed to have settled into the kitchen. It seemed to be one good rainfall from becoming a large mudslide. I suspect it is either buried for future archaeologists or still up for sale.

The best we could do was to buy a house one half block from a commercial street. It was in the San Fernando Valley in L.A.

This valley was…

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“You can’t stop time. You can’t capture light. You can only turn your face up and let it rain down.“ Kim Edwards, American writer and educator. 

We cannot define time. We can only describe it as best we can. Neither can we capture light, unless of course one finds the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

I got to a point in my life despite all my education and intellectual curiosity, that I could not see the writing on the wall. Neither could I connect well to others. I was of little help to my family or my co-workers.

Then my therapist, a Messianic Jewish believer, got through my thick skull. In an unforgettable moment, a joyous ending to my extended childhood through age 40, I was touched by the Light in the darkness. Christ was speaking to me through her.

I have had my share of difficulties, tribulation, in the almost 36 years since that moment. BUT, they were shared with my savior who spoke to me through others, my experience and Scriptures.

I am a realist. I line up my ducks in preparing for the future. Nothing lined them up as beautifully as placing my life in His hands.