Pilgrim on a Long, Long Journey

“No one really wants to admit they are lonely, and it is never really addressed very much between friends and family. But I have felt lonely many times in my life.” So said Bill Murray, a fine comedic and serious actor, as well as a man who is widely loved. (https://quotefancy.com/quote/1338445/Bill-Murray-No-one-really-wants-to-admit-they-are-lonely-and-it-is-never-really-addressed)


It was the summer of 1971. I was newly arrived in Atlanta spending a few hours at my apartment’s pool. I had started my pathology internship. I couldn’t buy a hello that day, particularly from a lovely women at the pool filled with enthusiasm and effervescence for her friends, but, none for me. It was deepening my loneliness. Some moments just stick, memories you’d like to forget. I can’t seem to shake this one.


I did not truly appreciate until I met my wife Kristine in 1977 how lonely I had been all of my…

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Social? Media

“Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.” Mark Twain

The current anti-social media is chock full of anger. The anger reminds me of my junior high after school.

The incomplete brains of the 8th graders were not diplomatic. Those adolescents spouted angry words daily. The junior highers I knew, including me, really had the capacity to hurt you with ill spoken words.

But ultimately they just hurt themselves. True friendship is hard to muster for the frequently angry.

I think the potential life and death stress of the Pandemic has added to the anger spewed online by adolescents, but more so, full grown adults.

Hopefully, by the grace of God, with fewer viral threats, we will have less anger delivered and fomented, as well as, lower blood pressures on the World Wide Web. We need that.