A Peak in My Peaks and Valleys

Pilgrim on a Long, Long Journey

It was the winter quarter of ’63-’64. I was a freshman at Emory University. Some of the wetness behind my ears had dried.

At a beautiful building with a marble exterior on the university’s quadrangle, I was about to take a final in history, my mental wheelhouse. At 18, I had a short term memory like a sponge. It is more akin to concrete as I compose this at 75.

Over the next three years, my love for history merged with that memory to enhance my overall, grade point average. That was fortunate, aimed at a medical school admission where, a good memory was an essential aspect of the “accepted.”

That winter’s day in 1964, I had over-studied to that point to both make my nervousness a non-issue, and, provide my noggin with images of my notes. The exam was the last of my winter quarter finals.

As I completed…

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A Dose of Reality

“It’s courage, not luck, that takes us through to the end of the road.” Ruskin Bond, an Indian author of British descent

Yes, unless you find yourself in the tiny end of the bell shaped curve, you will need to face much deterioration with age. Father time is rather consistent.

You may need to face some less than pleasant medical testing. You might well catch some physician’s news that is not what you wanted to hear.

Hope you find lots of encouragement and peace if you reach old age. It is an honor and a privilege to get there. Lots of people don’t.

May God bless you if you do, filling your life with, as Paul said in the Book of Ephesions, “…the fullness of God.” Seventy is not the new fifty. But, it can be deeply meaningful, rich and filled with the courage that the good Lord can provide.

H. Robert Rubin, best-selling, Amazon memoirist and author of Look Backward Angel, How Did I Get Through This? and Please Save the Third Dance for Me, all available on Amazon.