Out of the Blue

Pilgrim on a Long, Long Journey

Given I am 75 and eligible now, I made an appointment on Monday at the San Diego Superstation/Petco Park for the Moderna vaccination. The appointment was for today at 215 pm.

Then, I heard about a Moderna batch at that site where they were concerned with several allergic reactions. That batch, distributed throughout California, was to be held while the situation was being studied. That suggested to me the supply might be inadequate today at Petco. Then heavy afternoon rains and wind were projected for today and this was an outdoor site about 30 miles south of our home.

I was hoping for the best on Tuesday. My cellphone rang. A nearby, medical office where I was a patient was the visual on the phone. The nurse who answered said, “Do you want the COVID-19 vaccination at 9a.m.Wednesday (today).” I jumped at the offer. I canceled the thirty mile trip.

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Developing Hope

And so, June is upon us. It’s a time of hope. The Pandemic for those of us in much of the Western world, is apparently receding.

But, for much of the rest of the world, a lot of fear is stirring. God willing, an international effort will occur, helping those in need, to resolve this horrible Pandemic in their portion of the planet.

My hope is that this international effort will help bring us together. I realize that may be a faint hope, but nevertheless by the grace of God unity in greater measure can occur.