Silver Linings

Pilgrim on a Long, Long Journey

This is an historic, simply awful pandemic. Is there anything helpful that has come from this disaster? I would argue the following silver linings in this very dark cloud:

We have had fewer highway accidents and with quieter highways cleaner air.

We have a renewed appreciation of the courage of our physicians, nurses and other hospital staff.

We have tested under more stressful conditions growing relationships, that have stopped short of marriage, making the couple’s choice to wed or not, likely wiser.

At least one good survey has demonstrated we are more united than we were pre-COVID-19. In that vein, we have shown the world in difficult times we are a country of hopeful, determined Americans prepared to pitch in and get through this together.

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We Give it a Whirl

“I think the printed book is in danger. It will have a residual presence for a while, but not forever. It’s a revolution, as far as I’m concerned. Email, for example, constitutes a revolutionary form of correspondence.” Larry Mc Murtry, the recently departed Pulitzer Prize winning American novelist

The pace of leisure has turned up a notch. How nice it is to receive a card penned by a family member or dear friend. How comforting is that feel of a good book.

But even leisure is becoming a virtual world, gone more virtual by our needs in the Pandemic. The pace of life has quickened for the best, for the worst or, perhaps, somewhere in between

May God bless our efforts to find peace in a frequently, chaotic, spinning world.