Our Anatomic Foundation

“Bone is stronger than reinforced concrete,’ says Ben, ‘yet light enough to allow us to sprint.’ All your bones together will weigh no more than about twenty pounds, yet most can withstand up to a ton of compression. ‘Bone is also the only tissue in the body that doesn’t scar,’ Ben adds.” Ben Olliveri is a professor and surgeon at University of Nottingham in England, quoted here by Bill Bryson in his book,  The Body.

Miraculous, the entire structure that is our body. However, in this particular instance, bones take our special attention.

Did this all happen by accident? Give that some thought, if you will. It is a question worth pondering.

A Glorious Evening

A turning point six months ago…

Pilgrim on a Long, Long Journey

It was around 645 pm Pacific Time last night. In the face of a horrible, viral pandemic real hope emerged. The Pfizer/ BioNTech SE vaccine was given emergency FDA approval

Men and women in Germany and the U.S.with enormous, technical skills had managed to both create and manufacture an entirely new form of vaccine. Even given their burning desire to succeed, the Pfizer CEO pushed his employees beyond what they thought they could do.

Thank God for huge favors.

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Isolation and Connection, the Dichotomy in Our Crisis

Thoughts from a little over a year ago in the midst of the Pandemic…

Pilgrim on a Long, Long Journey

My prayer for those of you who are over 60 and/or with underlying conditions, home-bound and alone, is that, you connect to new and old friends as well as family in this period of isolation. To that same population that is home with loved ones, let’s treasure each other. Let’s slow down. Let’s listen to one another. Let’s put others first. Let’s try to minimize our exposure to media reports of the essentials in our crisis.

To all of us, let’s listen or look carefully when we hear or see headline material, particularly for the qualifiers could or may. This is a period of uncertainty not certainty. We all need to learn to live with that uncertainty, now. Easier said than done.

There is no question this IS a crisis. There is no question in my mind we SHOULD take proper health precautions as defined by our leaders.


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Exceptional Skill

So it has been a long time comin.’ San Diego has a real ball club with an astonishing shortstop. His name is Fernando Tatis, Jr.

Some journalists think he should wear a cape. Some say he does things that are unheard of. With his blazing speed he catches balls out of the reach of others, fielding his position. Some cannot believe at a mere 22 years of age he not only hits homers at an unheard of pace, but against great pitchers with all their stuff working.

Another aspect of his game, I have never seen in 66 years of watching this game. He becomes Spiderman when he slides into a base. He steals the base with both his speed and his gymnastic skill. He can almost stretch himself into a large pretzel to avoid the tag of good ballplayers, despite being 6 foot 4 and 215 pounds.

Some players come off a week or so on an injured list and need some practice time in the minors pre-return. Tatis all three times, of different length, this year, returned directly to the team and homered the same day,

After years of frustration watching the Padres, I tear up when I think about this superb team and his leadership. I doubt I will live to see the end of his 14 year contract, but, I will treasure the opportunity to watch Fernando play, now. In addition to his admirable humility he plays with a joy I haven’t seen since the 1960s and the great Willie Mays.