A Diverse Family Trip in the Northeast

A memorable trip…

Pilgrim on a Long, Long Journey

It was likely the summer of 2006. The trip for our 16 year old son Chad and me began with a flight to New York City. At that time my daughter Courtney and son- in-law Alex lived on the Princeton seminary campus, a seminary Alex attended. Kris, my spouse, had already flown east and was staying in Princeton.

The entire plan was initially to visit my brother’s family and have Kris, Courtney and Alex join us at Princeton. Following that we would proceed to West Point. Finally we would arrive in Troy, N.Y. to bury the ashes of Kris’ mom and dad, Fred and Betty. Kris’ younger brother joined us for the memorial service at the cemetery.

On arrival in the Big Apple, Chad and I rented a car and went to visit my younger brother John, his wife Judy and their daughter Anne in Plandome, N.Y. We enjoyed dinner…

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Wired, You Say?

And so, we are wired or equipped in a certain way. We each have our belief system. We each serve someone. We don’t necessarily know why, we just know, that’s us.

Since the apparent birth of civilization in the Near East, thousands of years ago in Mesopotamia, we have kept lists, receipts, laws, etc., written permanently on a variety of materials. That has allowed for government that can last even as long as the oldest living, written constitution in the world, ours. Britain does not even have a written constitution. But, there are reasons for that.

“Essentially because the country has been too stable for too long. The governing elites of many European nations, such as France and Germany, have been forced to draw up constitutions in response to popular revolt or war. … Ironically, several based their written constitutions on Britain’s unwritten version.” Nigel Morris, Home Affairs Correspondent, Independent, 2/14/08.

I guess many of the Brits are just wired that way. They transferred power from the Royals to the Prime Minister/Parliament without violent revolt.

The important thing is that we live peaceably and listen to each other with both our hearts and minds. Let’s not get our wires crossed.