A Fortnight in Israel

One beautiful place…

Pilgrim on a Long, Long Journey

In April 2019, my spouse Kristine, and I spent two weeks in Israel. Theirs had been a rainy winter just like ours in SoCal. As a result the streams and rivers were flowing beautifully at full force.

The trip was multicolored and multileveled. We were high above sea level at Masada and below sea level at the Dead Sea (1385 ft. below sea level) and in various tunnels. We enjoyed the diversity of the four quarters of the old city of Jerusalem. The Muslim Quarter was like a trip back 2000 years through the multicolored market of particularly spices. The grand variety of Mediterranean cuisine made for a series of delicious and healthy meals throughout the Holy Land.

Natural beauty you say? The Sea of Galilee, which is pictured above was the most beautiful body of water I have ever seen. That view alone was worth venturing half way around…

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Lesson Learned

Most of our lessons are learned the hard way. Right?

Pilgrim on a Long, Long Journey

It was 1971 and my yearly salary was $7000. It cost $2000. The convertible sports car had 58 horsepower and only weighed about 1600 lbs. That made that Fiat speedier and cheaper than that VW Karman Ghia, its competitor at a higher price.

The VW was a lot more reliable than that first car I purchased, a French blue,  850 Sport Spider equipped with a roll bar. I made the purchase in Atlanta, my hometown at the time. I was a naive kid who bought the car for the sticker price. On Sundays the Blue Laws closed the shopping mall whose parking lot would be my racetrack. .

What I soon learned was that about 5 per cent of the time it wouldn’t start and I would get wind burns when I drove what Californians call freeways. I had a ball driving it.

I had a pain in the neck…

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