Are we too attached to our stuff?

Pilgrim on a Long, Long Journey

The late, hilarious, comedian, George Carlin, had a wonderful sketch about our stuff. Its humor benefited from how attached we are to our stuff.

I had a friend who when moving to a smaller place decided to store a portion of his stuff, a beautiful rug. Upon his return to the storage bin, years later, he found a rat-holed piece of trash instead of his stuff. Hey, it was only stuff. Why get attached to it?

Viktor Emil Frankl, MD, was a psychiatrist of international renown, who, survived the Nazi death camps. He actually lived into his early 90s.

Frankl believed those people who were focused on the material for meaning were the least likely to survive the camps. All the material things in their lives were stolen from them. However, those who found meaning in the non-material, this physician found, were more likely to survive.

Many people in our…

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