Fernando Tatis, Jr. and Lightning

Power, speed, charisma and joy. Some ballplayer!

Pilgrim on a Long, Long Journey

I haven’t seen a young ball player this talented since I watched Willie Mays and Mickey Mantle in their early careers. Perhaps it should be Matis.  

Even more impressive is Tatis, Jr.’s humble, appreciative attitude. He appreciates the blessing of making a colossal living in a sport he absolutely loves.  

Having seen all three players in their youth, I have a strong suspicion I won’t see the end of Fernando’s 14 years. Nonetheless, all the enjoyment of watching him play have made my summers more exciting.  

The heat in a lightning bolt is four times the temperature of the surface of our sun, per NASA.gov., and, this 22 year old is ELECTRIC.

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All There Is?

“Is that all there is?” Peggy Lee sang in Leiber and Stoller’s song of the late 60s.

We KNOW love is real, Peggy, although it is INVISIBLE. Isn’t it.

The idea that something as complex as the human mind lacks a Designer doesn’t make any sense. Does it, Peggy.

That Bach could compose his tremendous volume of beautiful music uninspired by our Creator goes beyond what we can comprehend. Don’t you think?

That Whitney Houston sang Dolly Parton’s I Will Always Love You as though the sky was FILLED with angels suggests to me, that the answer to your question, Peggy, is a RESOUNDING, NO