My First Days of College and Med School Relative to Today

Old age is ok. It is the winter of my content.

Pilgrim on a Long, Long Journey

What a beautiful late summer’s day in 1963. I enjoyed the mild temperatures. The soft breezes flowed. I looked out at a huge, green lawn on the Emory University campus in Atlanta, GA. My fellow nervous freshman surrounded me.

We experienced our first day of college. All of us knew in our hearts this would be a level higher than our high school academics. Hey, I was fearful. But, it motivated me.

My forgetting the first day of medical school in 1967 may be due to my more fearful college jump. On the other hand, I got through that jump. In the process I grew up a lot, thank God. Nonetheless, I had a lot of maturing ahead of me when I got to med school.

At 76 I have no complaints. I worship a deeply loving God. My spouse of almost 43 years was here the last time I…

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