Another Bit of the Bits and Pieces from My Medicolegal Work

A hazard of medicolegal work…

Pilgrim on a Long, Long Journey

So in my 2.5 years in Baltimore as a medical examiner, many of our autopsied cases came right off the street. With all the strange aromas, nothing was worse that an unbathed alcoholic who didn’t quite make it found on those streets. They were a sad, sad element of life in Baltimore in the mid-70s

One day as I entered one lung of an alcoholic in an autopsy, something discolored and ugly opened up in the lung. I was concerned but hoped as I worked in public health, that it was just another “bullet” I had dodged.

As I should, I followed up in those mid-70s with a PPD skin test to establish if I might have TB. It was positive but in that case, Thank God, it simply indicated my immune system had worked effectively. No lesion could be identified. Nonetheless I took the drug INH for a year…

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What We Have Shared

There are numerous people I have never met. They have shared an era in our beautiful and difficult planet with me. They remember the Cuban missile crisis of ’62 and the tragic Kennedy assassination of ’63. My fellow passengers watched the Fab Four in ’64 introduced to Americans by that stoop-shouldered host on that cold winter’s night.  

They are a different bunch. Though I haven’t met most of them, I know their psyche was affected by the last American draft in those same 60s. It was only a matter of degree. They have a unique sense when they gaze upon the Vietnam Memorial.

We’ve shared a lot. What we have shared with certainty, thank God, is a long life.