“Madison Park, a Place of Hope” by Eric L. Motley, a Book Review


Pilgrim on a Long, Long Journey

Eric Motley, an African American, was raised in Madison Park in Alabama. His memoir, “Madison Park, a Place of Hope,”, is a powerful, touching memoir particularly for one so young, in his 40s.

It was a rural community several miles out of Montgomery Alabama. The community was established by freed slaves after the Civil War and they ultimately owned the land by purchasing at least one plantation. It was well cared for. It was a TRUE community.

Eric was a little different almost from birth and was not raised by his biological parents. Eric though was ingratiating and possessed a developing intellect that would well surpass his reading difficulty early on. Those early problems were beautifully addressed in conjunction with his nurturing community.

He became a doctoral scholar whose first job at 27 was at the White House as Deputy Associate Director, Office of Presidential Personnel. This was followed not…

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