Uncovered Mysteries

Suddenly last fall…

Pilgrim on a Long, Long Journey

Until this past week, I had known nothing about any of my great grandparents. It has been a fascinating week.

All this DNA identification that is so popular has connected lots of people to their past. I never connected to the 23andMe clients in my efforts so I didn’t make the following connection:

My second cousin in Washington State had touched base with a 23andMe client who apparently shared two of my great grandparents. I went to Ancestry.com and confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt, we did share these forebears by virtue of records, in addition to, the DNA that connected my Washington relative to our unbeknownst relative.

I was able to see photographic portraits of each of the great grandparents taken in New York City, probably around 1900. The great grandmother shared features with my mom, her granddaughter, per my professional, artist, spouse, Kristine. I saw the resemblance…

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