Virtual Tennis?

Real Reality…

Pilgrim on a Long, Long Journey

The BNP Paribas at Indian Wells was cancelled due to COVID last March. What do I miss when I don’t go to Indian Wells in March?

Years ago, I watched Novak Djokovic at his practice court as he arrived for the first time at this tournament. I had watched tennis for about 40 years and never seen anyone move so quickly and flexibly to every inch of the tennis court. Those unique maneuvers are frequently regarded as the core strength of Novak’s game, today.

A few years later at the tournament, I saw the young Dominic Theim for the first time. His coach Gunter Bresnik had coached Boris Becker, who Brad Gilbert described in Winning Ugly as a player of tremendous power.

Dominic was doing unusual on court, weight exercises that I had never seen. It all seemed a little odd at the time. However the player he grew into…

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Life’s Road

“Youth is a blunder; Manhood a struggle, Old Age a regret.” Benjamin Disraeli, 19th Century British statesman. My youth was a blunder, as I did not appreciate the value of following God’s direction. Had I done so, I would have been far more peaceful as a medical student. I admired the tranquility of a Christian friend, who, I keep up with to this day, half a century later.

I suppose manhood began once I became a medical examiner in Baltimore. Sure, I struggled. It was a challenge to become drier behind my ears, a daily struggle. I slept well, but but I had an ongoing tension.

Is my old age a regret? No. Thirty-six years after turning my face towards Jesus, I am at peace. The journey makes more sense and includes more perspective.

I know this: If I have no pivotal problem in my life if I wait about two weeks that will change. It’s discouraging, but God softens the blows and blesses me with the serenity required to, usually, sleep through the night.