New Orleans, Then, and, Now in the Viral Storm

What a difference in New Orleans, then and now…

Pilgrim on a Long, Long Journey

I first visited New Orleans in the spring of 1975 when I stayed in a hotel near the French Quarter. I walked the short distance to “The Quarter” on the first day. It was just a few minutes until I arrived to a blend of appealing melodies, elegant aromas and distinctive antiques.

I went to a restaurant I had heard about for years, Antoine’s. It is, today, 178 years old, under the same family’s management. In the mid-70’s when I entered the portals of this indoor Disneyland for grown-ups, it struck me that this was a lovely museum filled with past mementos. Coincidentally it was inhabited by a crowd of diners. The museum, by itself, was enough to draw my undivided attention.

The French-Creole cuisine was beyond good. In the book Ten Restaurants That Changed America by Paul Freedman and Danny Meyer, 42 pages were devoted to Antoine’s. Oysters…

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