The Whisper

“If you are lucky and reverent, and hush for a moment the doubts in your head, sometimes God will whisper in your ear.” John Graves, the late American writer

One of those times for us was valuable to our marriage. We both heard God’s whisper and became believers about four months apart.. Kristine and I found the profound values we then shared deep in our souls, strengthened the weakening bonds between us. What a gift!

Another event, in which the odds are now 12,274:1 against an accidental occurrence, concerned a group study of Scriptures. The chapter studied by about 12 of us covered a miraculous circumstance on the island of Malta. Within 24 hours, my blog had the only view (12,274 views as I write this) before or since from the island nation of Malta. The blog itself had no connection to Malta. To me, God had whispered that I was exactly where I should be on that night of study.

As Dickens Tiny Tim said, “God bless us, everyone.”

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