A Handshake of a Different Kind

The 20th Century gladiator…

Pilgrim on a Long, Long Journey

Sonny Liston was a towering figure in boxing from 1962 through early 1964. During that period and prior to his first fight with Muhammed Ali in February of 1964, my father took me to see him train at a gym in Miami. I saw Sonny jump rope to the rock number Night Train. At the end of the workout we all lined up to shake hands with this bear of a fighter.

I was about 5 foot 6 and 130 lbs, soaking wet. Sonny at 6 ft 1 towered over me and was built like a gladiator.

I trembled as I put out my hand to shake. He gently shook my hand to the melody of my great relief, particularly as it was my right hand that I might well need for the rest of my life.

Other than a little arthritis, the hand works well these 57 years later…

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A Life Shared

“It is within the bonds of marriage that I, for one, found a greater freedom to be and to become and to share myself that I can imagine ever having found in any other kind of relationship.” Frederick Buechner, a renowned author, pastor and theologian, now 95 years of age.

Sometimes it’s a photo I share with Kristine Sometimes it’s a portion of a book she’s reading Kris shares with me.

She KNOWS me, so Kristine helps me to grow. I KNOW Kris, so I help her to grow.

No experience is ever as joyful as when it’s shared with someone we love. I thank God my spouse has been willing to share 43 years with me. She did come home the last time she left the house.

No, it has not been easy. There have been obstacles to overcome. But, it has always been priceless.