And So, I Retired

This is worth another look

Why did I retire? First, Thank God, I could afford to..

The details of my work conflicted with how valuable my waning years had become. Those details seemed like and were a waste of time that was too precious to waste.

There were books to read and books to write. There were places to see and places to miss. There were people to meet and people to avoid.

I needed greater focus on my spiritual growth. I knew that it was more blessed to give than receive. I had to do more giving.

It was time to see family and friends and talk of things that mattered.

It was time to get off the unmerry-go-round.

H. Robert Rubin, a best-selling, Amazon memoirist, a novelist with a draft novelette in progress, and author of Look Backward Angel, How Did I Get Through This? and Please Save the Third Dance for Me, all available on Amazon


“Leisure is not the attitude of the one who intervenes but of the one who opens himself; not of someone who seizes but of one who lets go, who lets himself go, and ‘go under,’ almost as someone who falls asleep must let himself go… The surge of new life that flows out to us when we give ourselves to the contemplation of a blossoming rose, a sleeping child, or of a divine mystery — is this not like the surge of life that comes from deep, dreamless sleep?” Josef Pieper, the late German philosopher.

When I was in the workforce 7.5 years ago, If I woke up early, I could not fall back to sleep. That stopped the moment I retired, 95% of the time. If the family went on vacation, it took me three days to forget about work. Saturdays became a quandary, my livelihood vs. relaxation. I could not let go.

Now, the degree to which I can slow down has improved. The rise and fall and rise of the Pandemic have eroded some of my progress. The contemplation of the divine, Pieper notes, continues to be a strong, helping hand.

My hope and prayer for us all is more peace, stillness, and quiet. More surge of LIFE.