The Unexpected

This piece from 2019 is worth a third look. Our lives are full of good surprises. An unexpected, sweet phone call out of the blue from a loved one. The sight of a beautiful bird on your lawn just before you leave. A lovely sunset during which you reach your cell’s camera just in time to catch the ephemeral light on the clouds and horizon. But, the biggest surprise for me was the first time a grandchild lit up my heart.


“We all fight our own private wars.” Benjamin Alire Saenz, an American novelist

If you don’t have a problem, wait two weeks. It is the human condition. Life is just too complex to leave many of us with any length of free ride.

We need to resolve the warfare. In my case, that is only doable by the grace of God. To those who decide to go it alone, I decided 36 years ago I needed that new pair of legs. As John Newton said so well, “I was blind but now I see.”