Some thoughts on time in the spring of ’19…

Pilgrim on a Long, Long Journey

Time is a word that can only be defined relatively. It appears to move quickly as one gets older. For instance when my wife was driving, I have never asked her on a road trip ” Are we there yet?”

Time doesn’t slog along anymore. It moves as though it were shot out of a cannon to a 73 year old like me.

Recently Kristine and I traveled to the Middle East and return via Los Angeles. I had some concern the one way plane trip of about 20 hours would begin to drag.

Unlike the plane trip home, the first trip lacked a USB connection for my cellphone. I was surprised and concerned. I watched several movies including one of my favorites, The Notebook. To my surprise the trip seemed over rather quickly. The same was true of the return journey. The flights were in essence objective tests of…

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The Value of a Good Book

“But the first lesson reading is how to be alone. Jonathan Franzen, an American novelist.

For some of us, when we were tots, our folks, if we were fortunate, sat down and read to us. The hustle and bustle of their day came to a momentary standstill. Our day became storytime. If that storytime happened, we felt loved and engaged.

I don’t recall ever being read to, but I remember the peace I found in a wonderful book once I could read. As a first grader, I was embarrassed that the girls picked up that skill far easier than me. But, once I was reading the world of getting inside someone else’s head and appreciating their story came to life.

Dr. Seuss’ Bartholomew and De Brunhoff’s Babar filled my head with wonder and joy. I was alone and yet very much engaged and alive. It was a practice that enhanced my life. Thank God for huge favors.