Rafa, the Man

An update on a true champion…

Pilgrim on a Long, Long Journey

He wears a bull icon. He plays with power, grace and conviction. Today he ended his 12th French Open Championship sobbing into his uniform.

He has a beautiful spirit forged in the crucible of a solid, athletic physique breaking down. He is too familiar with the operating table. He has lived with the awful pain of rehabilitation.

But, today at 33 he is a greater man than the teen who first won this tournament years ago. Nadal was emotionally overwhelmed by this victory with all the pain required to get there.

He told Dominic Thiem in the closing ceremonies that he was an example to the young kids. Rafa said, as well, in esence, that Dominic’s wonderful character was more important than his tennis game. Such words are rarely heard in the ethereal air of a huge grand slam win. But that, is Rafa, the man.

Postscript: 8/21/21:

Yesterday, 35…

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“Creative minds are uneven, and the best of fabrics have their dull spots.” HP Lovecraft, the late American writer.

I have read a lot of John Steinbeck’s work. He is my favorite novelist. The vast majority of his writing is deeply engaging and beautifully written. But, sometimes, the magic isn’t there. He is after all human.

Beyond the written word, it is the story of our lives. Is it not?