Come September

August August is coming to a close.We enter in the upper half of our planet the transition period into fall. To most of the US it’s a time of beautiful mixtures of color across our wooded vistas. To Californians it’s a season of wildfires. Ah, the contrasts.

I look forward to a celebration of love and commitment in the holy matrimony of my son and the sweet, astute, beautiful woman who wants to spend her life with him. They will marry in a few short weeks.

And so, there lives will deepen. They will grow. They will learn much about each other. God willing, they will learn patience and how to fight fair. In its shining moments, their marriage can be a glorious, life enriching experience in the hands of our loving God.

The Bagel, Oh the Contrasts

The joy of the right bagel…

Pilgrim on a Long, Long Journey

Per Amanda Fiegl on,”… bagels are mentioned in written records from Krakow as early as 1610…” ( For me they just date back to about 1948. I remember wandering through my dark, maternal grandparents place in Detroit as about a three year old tasting a morsel that was scrumptious, a bagel. We even must have had those delicacies with either lox or the ultimate, Nova Scotia salmon, a melt in your mouth addition. Of course that was piled high with some onion and a thick layer of Philadelphia Cream Cheese. That was living even for this three year old. Actually that is living even for a 73 year old, my senior version.

Ah, but time takes its toll on what we can eat. Almost twelve years ago my primary physician warned me about the dangers of carbohydrates to my future existence on planet earth. A bagel clocks…

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