Our Fires in California.


Pilgrim on a Long, Long Journey

It was 2007 and the neighbors in Rancho Santa Fe east of us had a major fire. Our family had to evacuate. It was Chad, our high schooler, Kristine (my spouse) and me.

Fortunately I had an office in a safer area, big enough to house us with a kitchen available and showers in the building. We were walking distance from restaurants and the landlord allowed dogs. We couldn’t have been any luckier and our neighborhood ultimately did not burn, thank God.

Then in 2014 I went to my gym and was on a treadmill. Warning signals went off about a fire nearby. On the way home I got a little to close to three story high flames. I never want to get that close again.

The fire season is upon us and we are hoping and praying for the safety we have been blessed with in our 25 years…

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“Wit is the lightning of the mind, reason the sunshine, and reflection the moonlight.” Marguerite Gardiner, a 19th Century Irish novelist 

Our best one-liners seem to come out of nowhere like a bolt of lightening. Our rationality helps light our way.

But as we reflect, creative thoughts percolate from deep in the oceans of our mind. They enrich our lives.

To those of us who believe in one, holy Creator, those thoughts can draw us closer to His loving presence. They are the moonlight of our days.