A Day of Contrasts

A Day in Jerusalem, 2019

Pilgrim on a Long, Long Journey

I looked around in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem seated at a café recently. Youthful love was in the air between green uniformed, rifle packing youth. They live in this country surrounded by enemies. They just want a place to live and mature, but, in the blush of youth their lives are at risk.

Just minutes earlier. I had prayed at the Wailing Wall. It is a retaining wall built over the foundation of the first temple. It is called the Wailing Wall because of the response to the destruction of the revered, two, Jewish temples in 586 BC and 70 AD by the Babylonians and the Romans, non respectfully.

These Israeli men and women flirted in a tough world. On the streets of this lovely Jewish Quarter the sidewalks and cafes were strewn with young adults some of whom may not be with us tomorrow.

These were nice young…

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